Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sometimes, I think that it would be easier to just give in and start the cat collection... of course, I probably wouldn't be able to leave my knitting or yarn out???

I found this on the Internet.   I'm amazed that they are all 'still in the box' much less facing the same direction for a photo. 

I lost my voice on Sunday.  I kept teaching and it was very difficult to do with a voice that barely made a sound... most of the time.   I woke up on Wednesday with fever.   So, even though I am totally out of sick days-- I decided that I was finally "SICK ENOUGH" to stay home today with no pay for the day (Thursday) and rest my voice and try not to get more ill.   I don't want to get pneumonia like I used to get every winter.

Hope my voice works better tomorrow. 

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