Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oh Navigon, "Why do you take me so many different ways to the same place????" Is it to show me 'who is boss?' Or is it to provide me a variety in travel adventures?

Last June, the first week that school was out for the summer... my friend Lisa came over, from England, for a week's visit.  I had done an Internet Search for yarn stores around this area and I found the address of a 'outlet' shop for an Italian Yarn company.  *I had posted about this earlier this year.   So, I decided to go back there yesterday to get some winter wool yarn before the yarns changed with the seasons.   Here are my purchases.
This is a shawl in one of the ROWAN pattern books.   The skein in the back is a dark grey 100% alpaca.   It is so soft.  I need a better green.  Or at least another green to shade the leaves/stem with.

I got this skein to add the center flower colors for some of the flowers.  I thought that way- that I'd have a variety of colors to use in one skein.  I am NOT GOING TO ADD the long curly fringe to the shawl.  I really needed one more skein of the grey- but, they were out of that particular color.

I bought 3 different purples to 'consider' for this cardigan.  I have only used the suggested yarn ONE TIME for anything that I have knitted.  I constantly make substitutions for the yarns that I have or that I can purchase.  I did get a brown that looks exactly the same color.   Which purple do you think that I should use?  The one under the yellow?  The one directly under the brown?  Or the last one a blue-purple color?

I got this color changing yarn to mix with the solid black (both just happened to be the same thickness!) in a colorwork/fair isle hat/glove set.

And, they had some 100% cashmere.   Sigh.   I bought a light grey and a dark grey to do some color work gloves, hat, cowl?  Something along those lines.

And, they had this Lion Brand Yarn:  Amazing... at such an AMAZING PRICE that I couldn't pass it up!   It is a wool/acrylic mix.  This is an American yarn brand and sure enough when I looked on the label- it said:  MADE IN ITALY!   All the other yarns are Italian yarn companies.   I'm going to knit one of those super long wide cowls that an loop around your neck twice.   I think that I'll just do a knit/purl ribbing look or maybe a mistake rib? 
This is the 3rd or 4th time that I've been to this shop in the year that I moved here.  I didn't find out about it until last spring.   My Navigon system has led me to this place in a different direction each time.   Each time, that I start the system-- I have only been one mile apart from all the other starts.   I think that I have found the best and most direct path this time though.   It was exactly 9.5 miles away!   Not bad at all.   The last time that I went there- right before Christmas to get some Christmas gifts (and a little yarn- not as much as this shopping trip) it was a 15 mile away trip.  I think that I will start going there more often.   The yarn is greatly discounted - even less than the yarn sold in the Italian yarn stores and of course much less than the yarn stores in the states.   WHICH is exactly why I want to purchase certain yarns before I leave this area.

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