Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rain, rain go away... come back again 'another day'...

We used to say that when I was a kid.    Here's the bridge near my house.   The water is usually about 30 feet lower than this level.   There are 3 different levels-- w/ banks made for the water to expand to.  It is at the last level:  OPEN FIELD!

This is the church across the street.   It's actually still raining now- it has rained for 4 days straight now.

While taking the photos- the sky suddenly got dark.

And, DARKER...

If I had been in Oklahoma and the sky turned this way.... especially 'suddenly'... it would be time to find a tornado shelter/cellar.
Here's an address for a video cam of one of the OLD bridges in downtown Vicenza.  Yesterday, the water was to the bottom ceiling of the underside of the bridge archway! 


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