Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ordering 'Salad' from the local pizza place

The other day I had worked late at school and on my way home I noticed that one of the pizza places that I have stopped at often was open.   So, I stopped and ordered a pizza.    While looking though the numerous pizza choices- I noticed that they also offered a few salad choices.   I don't know why I had never noticed the salad option before- but, I decided to also order a salad thinking that leftovers from both would be great to take to school for a couple of days.  
While waiting, someone I know, who happens to live in the area, came into the pizza place and we were talking while I was waiting on my order.

Pretty soon... I notice that in the brick pizza oven is a huge dough ball puffed up like a balloon.   The pizza guy turns and flips this huge round pizza balloon about in the oven- I pointed it out to my friends and we laughed at the unusual sight.

Soon, it was time for my order to be ready.   I was presented with 2 pizza boxes.   The guy pointed to one box and said,  "salad" and of course the box contained my pizza.  I paid, said my goodbyes and drove home.

I grabbed a plate and my pizza cutter.  I opened the pizza box and cut a couple of slices of pizza and placed them on the plate.  I set out my olive oil from the 'first pressing' of the olives festival that I attended last fall and my balsamic vinegar to add to my salad.

 Then, I opened the other box.   Apparently, the dough balloon puffball was MY ORDER!  I thought ... "there must be a mistake?"   Maybe, he gave me the wrong order after all he did have a couple of things cooking from phone orders when I walked in?

I cut it open and I realized immediately that it was indeed my SALAD order.

This was puffed up about 10 inches high-- just like a soccer ball.

So, I cut a 'salad slice' and drizzled it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and had a great meal.
So, there you go... salad as only an Italian pizza place could make it, right? 


Anonymous said...

I think your "salad pizza" looks pretty good.

Mandi Goodman said...

That looks delicious!!!