Monday, February 17, 2014

Organization... I think you are born with it like artistic or musical talent. I got the artistic talent... so, I guess I got my quota of special talents?

This is my dream... My reality?   Not so much.   But, I keep trying.

I'm trying to remember to take my vitamins and other daily meds.   I'm good about remembering the ONE AM med and the one PM med.  Vitamins?  I forget.   So, now I have one of those plastic pill organizers.   It has an AM and PM slots for each day of the week.  I just put all the vitamins in the pill case.  It is now stored in my medicine cabinet.  I am ready.

I also had to throw away a lot of expired vitamins.   As in... 1-2 years old expired.  I told you that I wasn't good at remembering to take the daily vitamins.   I dumped them in the 'bad food' trash.  However, do you think that I'll be reported as a 'druggie' by the local trash men when they see about 140 pills in the 'bad food' trash?  All white by the way.   Bigger than an aspirin size.   I didn't want to flush them- because, apparently the water is getting contaminated from people flushing old drugs and vitamins in the toilet?

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Anonymous said...

I didn't get the organizing talent either. My desk was organized by layers, if you dug deep enough you would find what you were looking for. My talent is a green thumb I guess. I can grow a pretty flower bed. And watermelons. When we lived at the lake, we had a big garden. Our watermelons went crazy. We would drive around on our golf cart and leave them on people's porches.
I got one of thoses pill organizers for my vitamins. It helps, as long as you remember to fill it at the end of the week. It's always something.