Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter sunsets... fleeting and beautiful...

Usually, winter sunsets tend to be much paler compared to the summer sunsets... however, here is a recent 'vivid' winter sunset.  This is on the backside of my house- and the view that my balcony looks out onto.  I drove home recently with this in my view as I drove along the road towards my house-- ALL the time hoping that I could get home before this beautiful sunset ended.  *Please do excuse the 'fuzzy photos'... my poor digital camera just can't take photos anymore.   Bless its heart.

You can barely see some fog starting up towards the ground.   Also, do you see the lights in the far bottom left?  That's actually the local Austrada (Interstate).  

This is the empty pasture and trees in the far distance that borders the fence (that you can see in the front) of my back yard.

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