Saturday, January 11, 2014

A little knitting goes on sometimes... even if I don't remember knitting it...

When I first saw this photo- I thought that I had downloaded it from the web somewhere 'for inspiration' for something to knit/create in the future.  However, upon closer inspection- I recognized the background as one of the couch pillows that I had made for me when I lived in Seoul, South Korea.   I then remembered that I had knitted them for a toddler that I knew at the time.   I probably started knitting the guy on the far right (in overalls) because he looks a bit 'special' for lack of a better word?   His overall bib is a bit too loose for the area and his little baseball cap has the brim flipped up.  His face is flatter and one of his eyes is a bit wonky.  He was clearly the 'test knit' and the others improved as a result.   I was able to make the legs/arms and even neck appear by simply using a big needle and the yarn stitched through all layers and pulled tight (or just wrapped around the neck area for the neck).   I think that they were about 6-9 inches tall?   I just used durable acrylic for them.   I'm sure that there are patterns for something like this out there?  I do remember starting at the feet and just increased or decreased as I saw fit.   I did some crocheting on the little girl's skirt to make it lacy and open.

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