Friday, January 3, 2014

Some art to brighten up your dreary winter January days...

I have 2 different teaching degrees.  I am sometimes an art teacher and I sometimes teach elementary classroom.  

When I was in Germany, I was the art teacher for grades K-5th.   Here are some examples of artwork that was entered in a contest.   Several pieces of artwork were chosen to be printed in a publication of student art work.   One of my favorite ones is the owl.   I just love the expression on the face... and it was made by a kindergarten student!   The white things?  Eggs.  The owl is guarding the eggs.We studied owls in art class- their body shapes, looked at different types in photographs and I even found recordings of various owls.   They especially loved hearing the owls!   The portrait on the top far left?  That's from the face drawing lesson that I did every year with my fourth graders.  I select 4th grade-- because, without any further instruction or strong natural talent-- most adults stay at the fourth grade level of people drawing ability.   So, I teach them facial placements, shading, and how to draw 'realistic' human faces.  It's probably one of the most profound differences that you'll see in children's art work- because, I always have them draw a 'face without any instruction' before I start the lessons.   So, not only do they do such an amazing realistic face-- but... I also teach them how to use and shade with pastels!  

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Mandi Goodman said...

I admire those who can draw or paint. It's not something I'm good at. These are beautiful!