Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh, no... a possible crisis....

I use this toothpaste...
You will notice that it is CINNAMON flavored... not the more commonly selection of 'MINT' flavored. 
I do not like mint flavored toothpaste- I never did even when it was the only option available.  I remember using a 'striped' toothpaste when I was much younger and it was less 'mint flavored' than the other toothpastes being sold.   I don't know why I don't like it-- I think it seems to 'foam up' much more than this lovely cinnamon flavored option.  All I want to do when I use the mint flavored toothpaste is to 'spit' it out of my mouth as soon as possible- which does not encourage one to brush the proper length of time.                                                                                                                                                        I went to the 'toothpaste' area in the base commissary last week to get some more since my tube is getting empty.  They didn't have any.   I wasn't concerned.   On Monday, I went to the base PX to buy some toothpaste there (commissary is closed on Mondays) and the PX didn't have any either.   Now, I'm getting a little concerned.                                                                                       I went back to the commissary today.  NONE was available.  I'm very concerned.  What if this isn't being produced anymore for some strange reason?  I did check carefully and the absolute only options are MINT FLAVORED TOOTHPASTE.   :(      I've sent an email to friends still working at the same base in Germany to see if my 'favorite toothpaste' is still being sold there.   I thought it would be best to start there-- since, we can mail letters/packages between overseas military on a 'free space available' basis.   After all, postage from the states would cost as much or more than the tube of toothpaste will cost.   I've learned my lesson... I've learned my lesson-- I will buy several tubes this summer when I am in the states.   I do not want to experience 'mint flavored foam' and look like a dog experiencing a rabies attack ever again.  They say it's the simple things in life and it is true...because I want my cinnamon flavored toothpaste!!!    (for those who love the mint flavored foam- I will not judge you.)  ;D

          I sent the email to have my friends in Germany, who are still working at the same military base as I used to work... to see if this 'much larger' commissary and/or PX has any of this most wonderful cinnamon flavored toothpaste in stock.    I'm going this route- because, we can mail packages to each other's military bases without having to pay any postage.   If I have to have a friend send it to me from America- the postage fees will cost as much or more than the tube of toothpaste will cost to purchase.  I just came home from the commissary... I checked on the toothpaste options again.  NO CINNAMON FLAVORED TOOTHPASTE.    Now, I'm wondering if they have stopped producing this in America too?  If so, I'll have to go back to the mint flavored options available.  *I did check carefully... ONLY mint flavored is available in the commissary for any brand of toothpaste 


Anonymous said...

I have never seen cinnamon tooth paste. I'll have to look for some. I don't mind the mint but I thought that's all there was. There are different flavors in the kids tooth paste but I've never tried if.

Mandi Goodman said...

This is the kind I use as well! I hate "pastey" toothpaste... yuck.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I heard back from my friends at my former base in Germany. NONE in stock there either.

However, I have PLAN B in place. I have ordered some from www.drugstore.com and if you order $35.00 or more they will ship for free.

Mandi- I'm glad that someone else understands... that mint taste is just 'gaggy' to me. :(

I have never liked it. Not even when it was all that was available when I was younger.