Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oh no, OH NO!!!

I came home to work to this screen a couple of days ago.   I had never had this happen to any of my previous computers and I did have a virus protector... but, I just knew that this didn't look good!
I called my landlord's son (call didn't work) because he speaks English and his job just happens to be: IT for a company here in Italy.   So, then I called his dad (my landlord) so that he could see if Luca could help me out.   My landlord speaks pretty good English-- but, on the phone it is very difficult.   He did understand that I needed help with my computer.   Luca was finally able to come by last night (Friday) and it took him almost 3 hours to fix everything-- (including adding a new virus protecting program that he uses- my computer was running very slow so the download took quite a bit of time.)

Everything seems OK now... however, I can't find all of my photos-- I click on the 'photo' file... which should immediately give me the options to select by year and by month within each year that the photos were taken/downloaded... but, they are all blank.   :(

Luca also told me that in the past 2-3 days he has either helped fix this problem or he knew about 60 different computers having this happen to them here.   I am glad that I have never had this happen to one of my computers ever before. 

I'm so happy that he was able to fix things-- because, I already have the broken 'digital camera' that has the battery that falls out when you pick it up and it only takes fuzzy photos.  This photo was taken w/ my Kindle Fire and then emailed to myself and then downloaded.   Then I have the printer... that just refused to start working... (says it can't clean the screen) of course, this happened AFTER it told me that 2 or 3 of the inks were low and I had changed them.   I think I'll try to see if the next printer that I purchase uses the same size/brand of ink refills.

Has anyone had this happen to their computer?


Mandi Goodman said...

I had a laptop once that did something similiar... it ended up being a motherboard problem... which was more expensive to fix than the computer was worth.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

My landlord's son came and repaired it for me. He's an IT for a company in the area.

It took him over 2 hours. :(

I made him a big batch of brownies to take home to his family, a big bottle of juice that his boys might like (they like to try American stuff).