Sunday, January 12, 2014

What's the weather like today?

Well, I do believe it looks a bit 'foggy!!'    About 3 weeks ago, we had 4 days/nights of fog that was so bad... that I was driving home on this road from physical therapy (at night) and in the opposite direction as to where I usually drive to go to/from work.  My driveway is even with the street-- just to the right of the fence that you see in the photo.  This is the view right outside my front door.   Anyway, it was SO FOGGY that I couldn't even SEE WHERE to turn into my driveway until I got right to my driveway-- and this is with a yellow flashing light at the top of the pole that 'flashes yellow' when the electronic gate is activated for entrance with the remote control!   You can usually see this 'flashing light' for a couple of blocks or so in the distance.   At least, it's not as foggy as it was during those 4 days/nights.  
America has been having horrible cold weather and Europe has been having unusually warm weather for the time of the year.   I had some friends visiting during winter break from where I used to live in Germany and did you know that there wasn't even ANY SNOW on the ground there and hadn't been?   It had only 'lightly snowed' a couple of times!  Winter snow can start in October... but, in this area... it did snow in November and the snows NEVER MELTED until April!!!   And, here it was the end of December and they hadn't had hardly ANY SNOWFALL and there was absolutely NO SNOWFALL on the ground!!  

To see the building/area that can't be seen in the photo-- scroll down to the 'sheep returning story' and you'll see what is missing in the photo- The last photo, with the bus, is of the view out the front door- the same as what is shown in the above photo. 

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