Monday, January 27, 2014

The rains ended and the welcoming sunset was worth 4 days of solid rain...

For Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Holiday weekend... it rained for 4 days straight.  It rained on Friday before the holiday, all weekend, and during the holiday.   On Tuesday, when we went back to work it was still raining.  On Wednesday, the sun came out and it finally stopped raining. 
This was what I saw as I drove home on Wednesday.   Except the sun was so vivid right overhead-- and of course, that was almost gone by the time that I got to my house.  I did enjoy watching it change almost instantly as I drove home though.   This is looking out my backyard towards the mountains.   By the way, while we were getting rain-- the mountains were getting snow.   When it finally cleared up-- you could see the heavy snow.  
My camera is still broken and the photo is fuzzy... but, I thought it was still beautiful.  It's not often that the winter sunsets are vivid as this one was.   Our temperatures have been unusually warm- as in:  41 *F at 5:40AM this morning!   We've had sunny days.   I hope that the weather warms up for those in the states soon!      


Mandi Goodman said...

So pretty!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

It was amazing on the drive home. THE UPPER sky was just ablaze with color! Full of reds and oranges like it was on fire!

Usually winter sunsets are pretty pale and wimpy. (at least around here)