Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh what a TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE... when we carry 'unprotected' yarn in our bags....

Yes, yarn is trapped around my keys.   *In Italy, each door has a different key.  No car key in the photo.  Just various doors to the rental house.   Right now, they are still tangled and probably more so.   I had knitting in my bag, to knit on a volunteer/charity project, while waiting on my friends to arrive by train (to my little town)... and 'somehow' the yarn got all tangled when someone was  digging in my bag (w/ permission) to get the keys out.  
I usually have my knitting that I haul around in a protective bag 'even if it is only a cheap plastic zip lock bag'... but, since, I was only driving to one location for a short period of time... I didn't do that.   THIS IS THE RESULT. 

Yes, to use the keys... you have to have the key still attached to the yarn.  It's quite the mess.   I will try my best to untangle it tonight.  I forgot about it and now I'll just have to make do.    At this  point, I don't want to cut the yarn---  the project about half finished and I don't want to have to weave in the ends in the middle of an acrylic project.

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Mandi Goodman said...

Ahh I remember the days before project bags! ack!