Friday, January 17, 2014

Making friends 'if only for a few minutes' with a local cat 'somewhere in Italy' and somewhere near Vicenza...

Two or three years ago, I visited northern Italy about this time of the year from Germany.  I went on a base trip to escape the bitter cold snowy winter of southern Germany.  The kitty wouldn't make eye contact or stay still enough for me to take a clear photo at first.

I kept calling her... 'gatto' (cat in Italian) and soon she came closer to me.

I found her at a residence that our group had stopped at for those 'interested' to purchase furniture.  While it would be nice to buy something that someone had created with their own hands, I knew that I had plenty of furniture- so, to prevent the temptation of 'wanting' something that I did NOT need... I opted to not even look at what the man had made in his shop that was attached to his house.   I went outside and I stuck up a short friendship with this family's cat.   She was a sweetie.   I soon had her purring and coming up to me.

Someone on the trip came outside and the cat got a little 'shy.'

She was nicely marked.

She's wondering if she should go with me to the snowy land of Germany.   She ponders this decision.

Once she found out that it was RARE for the sun to shine at all during the 6 month long winter.  She makes her decision because she knows that the milder winters with sunshine as this day in February in northern Italy shows... is far better than the long cold winters of Germany.  After all... kitties love to rest/sleep in the sunshine.

She lets the stone fence know that she'd never leave her favorite resting place outside where she surveys her kingdom in the winter sunshine.

I love this photo of her.   See, my old digital camera used to take nice photos.

She shuts her eyes and bids me a farewell. 


Rebel26 said...

OH - see!!! This is what I miss. Cute cute kitty cat. Your millions will be left in a big canvas bag with dollar signs on it at the train station next to a trash can. But you better get their quick before someone else steals it. ;)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Ha ha...

I'm on the way to the train station now- don't forget to put my name on the big bag full of money!

Maybe something like: "THIS BAG of money is ONLY FOR 'Iwouldrtherbeknitting' and no one else! That should keep it safe! :D