Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baa... Baaa... *The Italian Chisum Trail returns...

The first sheep blog post is here.

Yesterday, I was at home... cleaning house, cooking/etc. or in other words getting ready for the return of my Christmas break guests... who were returning from traveling in various parts of Italy for the past few days.
Suddenly, I heard... 'baaa, baaa... baa' and I rushed to the window and sure enough the SHEEP were returning (going the opposite direction now) and I found my big 35 mm camera (since, the digital is of course broken- along w/ having a battery that falls out constantly!)
It was raining and they looked a soggy wet mess.

This area that they are walking along-- is a huge open field next to my rental house.  I can't believe that they didn't try to make a run for it-- only a couple decided to sample some green grass along the way.  Hey, you get hungry walking all that distance to their 'winter home'....

The donkey is looking at them... Like 'Now, you're gonna get it Beaver!  I'm telling mom!"

The donkey... has washed his hands of the situation and has continued onward.

The crowd mentality soon takes over... the  thinking of if:  "THEY CAN EAT THE GRASS ... SO, CAN I!"

The babies had grown so much since I saw them a few months ago.  That's the shepherd with the black umbrella.   The first time the came through here 'going in the opposite direction' to their summer grass area... he had to pick up several of the babies and put them in the back of that pick-up truck. 
If you want to see the blog post where I first saw the sheep-- check out the blog post about:  Chisum Trail.
This photo is right in front of my front gate (that's the drive way gate) and the city bus got caught in amongst the sheep herd.  However, I was not happy with him when he tried to continue driving along the road!   He only had to wait a couple of minutes before they cleared the area.   He did drive through them about a block and finally stopped.   *Click on photos for a larger view.


Mandi Goodman said...

That is definitely something we don't see around here!! Awesome!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

And this is a very busy street. I figured that they had already been taken to their winter 'place'... and I was so glad that I got to see their return.

It is pretty amazing to see - I just know that CATTLE WOULD HAVE been all over the place-- give them a big open field like that 'right' where they are walking and they would been in the huge pasture/field by my house-- no way, would they have stayed on the road! :D