Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trains of Italy.. I took a few photos on my trip last weekend.

Most trains have a little pull down table (far, far, far more room than what you'd find on an airplane- look at how long that little table is.  If you look you can see my coat and the edges of my green scarf and my knees.  That should give you an idea of the space that you have.)   On some trains, you'll also have a few sets of seats (4 -- two will be facing the direction of the train travel and the other two will face the opposite direction- and there is a large sized table between all 4 seats.)  This particular train also had the aisle walking area dropped down lower than the seats.   If you look towards the floor, in the photo, you can see what I'm referring to.   Yes, I did start knitting a pair of socks.  :D

You can see the table in the 'up position' on the left side of this photo.   They do have a mixture of seats facing in different directions- in case one likes to sit in the direction of travel?'   If I'm going to a new place- I do like to sit by the window facing the direction of travel- just so that I can read the station (town/city) names on the train platforms.    The armrest between the seats does raise up and goes between the seats and the racks are far enough from the ceiling that you can stuff some pretty big stuff up there- including suitcases.

This was along the side-- only one set of chairs and facing each other... no little pull down table.   There is also a 'trash can' (where that red button is located) that pulls out and holds quite a bit of trash.   I'm sitting in the seat and you can see that there is a lot of room- (yes, that's my backpack on the opposite seat.  I have used it for years-- it is more of a 'large messenger bag' style... and will fit across your front and along the opposite shoulders for security.   Lots of pockets all around and on the inside AND... a couple of on the ends (where the buckles on the strap is located) one has a velcro flap (I put a water bottle in it) and the other one has a zipper closing for security.   There is also a big open flap on the back side the width of the bag-- I put my umbrella in it (inside a plastic bag so that I always have a place to stash a wet umbrella from rain or snow) and books/magazines/etc.   Things that I need for easy access.   I've used this bag for years.   The little see through zipper pocket in the front has:   a tiny vial of Tylenol, some Pepto Bismol tablets, and my inhaler.

Pretty huh?  Bolzano, Italy 

Another view in a different direction-- right in the mountains!  The Dolomite Mountains- or the Italian Alps.

This is another train station in the area.  I love how the sun was playing on the various areas of the mountain.

On my return trip, I was on a train that had compartments like this.  It consisted of 6 seats, a rack to stash your belongings, and you could adjust the headrest, etc.   It was comfy for sure.  You could shut the door that you see to the left.  I was the only one in the compartment.  This type has the aisle on the far side instead of being in the middle of the seats as you saw on the other train.   I always think that these look like the trains that you see in the old movies.  They always look so spacious and the trains like this in Italy are very spacious.

Do you see that oval looking thing along the wall of the train?   It's a pull down seat (you can see another one under the other window) and I've been on these trains when they are so crowded that people are sitting in every one of these seats- I've had to sit in this type of seat before.  

Venezia.. or Venice   (my train-- because, I live only about an hour from Venice)

It was COLD and the fog was rolling in.   I'm glad that I had my alpaca wool socks on, my wool sweater over a long sleeve t-shirt, my thin cotton long johns (really they are thin pj's that shrunk too much in length- but, they are perfect to wear under clothing in the winter), my wool long coat, my 2 pairs of wool gloves (fingerless and regular that I wear together if it is needed and it was damp and cold- so, it was needed), and my wool hat/big shawl/scarf.  I was dressed for the weather in layers-- the day of the market it was cold-- but, no snow... but, that night... once it got dark and after 7pm... it turned damp and COLD.  I was glad for everything that I had on-- I had to wait on the open platform for 40 minutes.

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