Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bozano, Italy Christmas Market

Yesterday, I went on the train to the mountains north of here to an 'artist's Christmas Market'... the name of the town is:  Bozano    *This also happens to be where the 'ice man' was found in the area and he is on display in a museum there.  I didn't have time to see the mummy- but, I want to go back in the future because this area was quite interesting and really pretty.  It was much colder than where I live in Italy.  No snow on the ground and very little in the mountains.
Across the street from the train station as you walk towards the market area.  You can see how close the mountains are in this photo.   I just noticed that shop says that it is a jewelry store.  I really want to stop in one sometime and see what is for sale that might 'be unique' to Italy.   I always forget because I'm not living in a large town that would have a jewelry store nor do I tend to stop in jewelry stores on a regular basis anyway (it's been years- honestly) so, I guess that it doesn't even register for me when I do see a jewelry store.

See the bread shop on the left?  Panifico (that means:  bakery/bread shop/etc.)  I stopped in to see what they had that I might eat for breakfast.  *I had gotten on the train at 6:16am and it is now 9:30am.

This is what I bought.  It was full of almonds, dried fruits (apricots/etc.) and seeds on top and a few mixed in the dough batter.  It was also made out of whole grains (my favorite type of bread- I'd rather have it than just white bread any day).  It was delicious.   Soft, flavorful, and just wonderful.  I'd never seen this type of roll in any of the bakeries that I've gone to- of course, I have to remember that the bakeries that I have visited in Italy are on a much smaller scale too.  

While walking onward ... I noticed this shop out of the corner of my eye.   I thought that the name choice was a 'bit' unusual?   The clothing looked nice and quite stylish though.   Not things that would be 'out of season' and dated looking too quickly.

I didn't have enough time to 'just walk around' in this place.  However, there were some very nice buildings just right where the market was being held.  The upper floors are apartments or homes of the owners of the shops on the ground level.

This building had some wonderful paintings on it.  I took a photo of the building and I zoomed a close-up of each of the images.   I'll share the rest at another time.  I loved the 'artist' one... especially, since I am sometimes an 'art teacher' and I like to do many artsy/crafts-y things.  
I met some wonderful artists selling their hand-crafted items.  I talked to a few in depth and there were 2 or 3 that had we been living in the same area... I'm sure that we would have become close friends.   You can just tell when there is a 'genuine' connection... not someone being nice because they are trying to sell something.   This was a wonderful Christmas Market.  It was small- but, unique because everything was 'hand-crafted'... I did buy a few items for myself and also some items for specific people and I will save those for the 'future' since I have already mailed my Christmas gifts out for this year.  
There were jewelry makers... out of glass, semi-precious stones and metal, or other various mediums.   A few people did sell items made out of wool... either woven or knitted.  I didn't look at them- since, I can knit almost anything that I decide to knit.   I didn't have a lot of time and I didn't want to get distracted by 'knitted items'...  I bought some items for myself and a few things for 'future gifts' for specific people-- since, I had already mailed out my Christmas gifts for this year........ I'll save these items for the future.  I have a place where I store my 'future gifts' so that they don't get lost while waiting to be 'gifted' in the future.

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