Saturday, December 7, 2013

This southern gal did NOT get to have Sweet Potatoes with toasted marshmallows on top for Thanksgiving...

Think that they might be a might 'over cooked?'  

So, the other night... I decided to whip up a small batch that I could eat on for a few meals with the 'roasted chicken' that I got at the nearby Italian grocery store.   I decided to use the little toaster oven that I'd purchased in the states this summer- to make up for the other one that I had used for years, that the movers in Germany didn't pack up and I had to give away.   I discovered that I had really missed using it in the 6 months that I had been in this house.

In case you didn't guess... I had left it on 'toast' instead of changing the dial to:  BAKE   
So at least I know that the 'toaster' part of the oven does work and apparently really well.  :D

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