Thursday, December 26, 2013

EEKKK... It's Thursday already... WHERE DID my winter break go? It's almost half over already!

I've been on the go since school was out last Friday at 3:10pm.   I spent Saturday 'cleaning' for house guests that would arrive on Monday.   On Sunday, I got on the train for a 4 1/2 hour trip to Innsbruck, Austria to meet my friends driving down from Germany (from where I used to live).  We shopping/looked around at the Christmas Market and spent the night.   On Monday, we drove towards Italy and my house- with a stop at the Christmas Market in Bolzano, Italy.  
On Tuesday, (Christmas Eve) there was lots of cooking, watching of 2 movies, and eating.
On Wednesday, (Christmas Day and yesterday) I cooked breakfast, we watched a movie (true store that I didn't know about-- a town only about 15 miles from where I went to University in southern Oklahoma- the movie was based on a town in Texas- (Sherman) across the state line.  My friends left after a lunch of sandwiches made out of the left-over ham.  They are out touring Italy.
Door on a Church in Innsbruck. 

More of the carvings on the door. The door was also very thick.

Lots of marble in the church.   Here is the beautiful floor design right in front of the altar.   That's different colors of marble.

I am going to take the day off today.   I need a break-- from work and I'm going to just clean up the kitchen, put away anything still out from having company, knit, and watch maybe a whole movie?   Tomorrow, I'll do some errands, get my hair cut (if I can remember what time I am supposed to be there- I made the appointment a little over a month ago.) and start in doing some of the many 'things' that I want to get taken care of while I am off work.



'still playing catchup!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

My camera is 'dying'... I guess I have dropped it ONE TIME TOO MANY??

I took several photos-- while in the church-- but, while the church was dark (as to be expected in these big old churches in Europe when services aren't going on)... only one photo taken inside (the floor) was clear enough to even see what it was a photo of...

I did stop by the PX to see what they had and they had ALMOST NOTHING available (all sold for Christmas) so, I have to wait a couple of weeks for the new stock to arrive.