Friday, December 20, 2013

A little touch of Christmas...

My little metal tree that I decorate for the center of the table.   I knitted the knitted ornaments.  I have a couple (at least) of polish pottery birds (you can see the back of one's tail feathers on the top left) that I bought in Poland on the last trip there- not knowing it would be my last shopping trip there before I moved to Italy.  The little wooden ornaments were purchase in Germany.   The Christmas Markets almost always has someone selling wooden ornaments featuring special buildings or churches of the city/town where the market is being held.  The clear glass ball is hand painted on the inside.  The hand crafted flying cat glass ornament was purchased at one of the Christmas Markets in Germany.  I have way, way more ornaments than I need... but, it is difficult to not purchase unusual, unique, hand crafted ornaments when I come across them.   They will also always remind me of my travels and living overseas.

Today, at 3:10pm, started my first evening of Winter Holiday...  I went to the main base to do errands, get euro out of the bank, get a Christmas gift from the post-office, and then a quick stop to my house to change into clothes for my physical therapy session.  When that was over, I stopped quickly at my favorite Italian big grocery store and picked up a few things.  I have company coming this weekend-- and I have to clean house tomorrow and do some errands.  

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