Monday, December 9, 2013

More photos from the Innsbruck, Austria Christmas Market 2013 in the Old Town area.

I got this at the Innsbruck, Austria Christmas Market.   This was the 'dessert' version.   It has a berry filling inside-- (it's a red berry found/grown in Germany/Austria and maybe in other locations-- but, it's sort of tart and the berries are tiny in size).   I really did like these berries when I'd get served them with a meal in Germany.  They also sold another type with a hunk of sauerkraut served in the middle.  

And, yes... I often take photos of the water cover lids in foreign lands.  This one has a tiny crown.  At least, I see a 'Crown' but maybe others see a stylized "W"????

I don't smoke (never have) but, it is interesting to see the different brands being sold--  notice the Chesterfield?   Do they still sell that in the states?  I have a DVD of some old TV shows and some of them have OLD COMMERCIALS on them... and I remembered the Chesterfield commercials.   It seemed so odd now that it has been YEARS since smoking ads have been allowed on American TV.  Notice the huge warning sticker/labels?   The one on Philip Morris with the gold top says:  Smokers die earlier.   Most of these are American brands.  There are some other interesting brand names sometimes.

This store sold all sorts of light globes with unique designs on them.

I tend to take photos of bikes that I find in my travels.  

Handmade wooden combs.

You still can't see the huge mountain due to the overcast sky and cloud cover.  However, this is the river that was next to the Christmas market that you had to cross the street to get to that was in yesterday's photos.

Looking towards the area that had the Christmas Market-- it would be at the bottom left of the photo.  Unseen in this photo, of course.  :D

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Rowena said...

That pastry thing looks like a good enough reason to check out Innsbruck's xmas markets this year!