Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things seen while walking around where the Italian Christmas Market was held....

While walking along the streets of Bolzano... I saw this poster advertising a musical group.

This cute little 'toddler' sized sweater was in a store window. 

In most places in Europe... you can't just eat lunch whenever you want.  There is a specific time for meals.  12:00 to usually around 1:30.   I found everything closed-- except for this one place.   A Turkish place that had the food already made.   This entire meal, including my drink (which is usually about 2 or 3 euro each- or about $2.30 to $3.40 each) was only 5 euro.. or about $6.00?   They had 2 different types of rice and I asked the guy to give me 'just a little of both types' so I could try them both-- and look at how much he gave me!   The green stuff is a potato spinach dish-- yummy.   I also had some Turkish bread (looks very much like a tortilla- but, freshly made.)

"Singing in the Rain"... ore = hours (8:30pm)  I remember that when I first moved overseas- I was most worried about having to 'figure out' how to tell time using: MILITARY TIME.  
I will start my winter break this Friday (yes, TOMORROW!!) at 3:10pm or 15:10.  ;D  Two whole weeks of not having to walk up/down as many stairs as I do each day (my knee will be happy) and a chance to do some things in my house that never get done-- since, I am just trying to make it through each day with my hurting knee.

I'm going to meet friends driving down from Germany at the Christmas Market at Innsbruck, Austria.  I'll take the train and meet them.  We'll spend the night in Innsbruck and then drive on down to my house in Italy where we will stop at the Christmas Market in Bolzano.    Yeah!   Both markets were enjoyable enough to visit them again.   There were a few things that I wanted to get at both markets- that I didn't get (needed more Euro) when I went the first time.   My friends are looking forward to shopping there too.

I'll have more free time to update my blog on a more regular basis during break.   I am ready for break.   I know that the children are always excited for break-- but, what they don't realize is that the teachers are just as excited as they are!

I haven't even had a chance to watch one Christmas movie yet.  I always have certain ones that I watch and I did order a set of Christmas movies from Amazon that I haven't even opened up yet.   So, there is that to look forward to also.

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