Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas...

I saw SANTA at the bus stop in Vicenza, Italy!  
On Saturday morning, I went on the city bus to the Vicenza Train Station... so, I could buy my train ticket to Innsbruck, Austria on Sunday morning.   As I walked towards the 'bus stop' I couldn't believe my eyes... IT WAS SANTA waiting for the city bus too!  *Ok, if Santa is late this year... it could be because he has problems with his travel plans.   You know how it is... 'going by city bus' isn't very fast. 

'Santa' told me that he was going to the main part of the city (actually to the train station stop) to meet some others going there for a 'Santa Run'... and that he and I had just missed a large group of other Americans getting on the previous city bus in their Santa suits on their way to the 'race/walk' location.

Bye Santa's... and by the way... I'VE REALLY been GOOD this year!
I hope that Santa makes it to your house.   And I hope you have a great day of celebrating, eating great foods, and I do hope that you get the gift that you really do want. 
  I hope you have a wonderful celebration, eat lots of good foods, and enjoy the special day with your loved ones.

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