Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oh, wise ones.. how do you break a habit?

I have decided that I need to stop drinking soft-drinks. I only drink real ones- don't like the diet ones and don't want to 'learn to like them' either.

Problem is, I like the fizzy as much as I like the taste of the soda. Being a southern gal.. I like Dr. Pepper the best.

I don't drink coffee- so, the sodas become my 'caffeine' spark when I needed it. Problem is.. I had started drinking 2 a day.. and some days.. there is the possibility that I might have consumed '3 real sodas' per day. I am not admitting that it happened, I'm just saying that it 'might have' happened.

During all this soda consuming, I was still drinking plenty of water- I am one of those people who just loves the taste of water and when I'm thirsty-- nothing else will work.. but.. cold WATER.

So, I decided that today I wouldn't have any more sodas. I have done this in the past.. stop drinking them for months at a time. However, when that forever and a day long International flight happens.. the sodas start again. I live 17 time zones away from the states and as a result.. the soda consumption starts up again to help me function in the opposite world that I suddenly find myself in.

I'm of the theory: Don't take naps, get up early in the new time zone.. just be a zombie for about 3-4 days and you'll quickly adjust to the new time zone. And, of course: drink Dr. Pepper's to help you be alert enough function and to answer questions of the new time zone 'non-zombies'.

So, what habits have you been successful in stopping, changing?


LizzieK8 said...

Try sparkling/carbonated water. They have flavored ones, but I like the plain with a slice of lemon in it.

Carey said...

I was going to suggest the same thing- carbonated water. Since giving up the soda habit (I still drink them occasionally) I have gotten hooked on perrier- but only because it's free here at work. :) You get that satisfying carbonation without all the sugar and other stuff. I don't miss the caffeine at all, actually.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Problem is.. I can only buy items from the military commissary and we don't have the sparkling flavored waters.. (I know what you're talking about- you could buy it in Italy).. darn it.

I might buy some gingerale to drink when I crave the 'fizzy' stuff.. since, I'm not in danger of craving gingerale. :D

Thanks for the suggestions.. :D

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

OR, when I really must have a soda.. I could get a Korean COKE .. they are in a smaller sized can and just don't quite taste as good as the ones made in America.

There are several 'flavored sodas' sold in Korea too- I might check into that.. there is a grocery store near my apartment and I could see what they have- just so I can can have something 'fizzy' every so often- especially in the first week of breaking the habit.

Carey said...

What about plain fizzy water and a little (sugar free) koolaid mix?