Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello, HELLO.. is this microphone on?

Is there anyone out there?

I see the little number counter, that counts the number of visits to the blog, changes a lot each day. So, I know that my blog has visitors. A few of you do comment and I so appreciate it.

I take photos and think of something to put on my blog on an almost daily basis.. and trust me.. some days it is hard to think of something since, my days consist of this:

Get up, check email, check my blog to see if there are any questions or comments to answer, have breakfast, go down to the parking garage, warm up my car, drive to work in the dark, hope that cars on the 3 lanes that I have to cross within a half block of a 6 lane road will let me merge- I have a left turn arrow to help me cross the last 3 lanes, (ok, I really say out loud.. "Let me in, Let me in!" I think it helps, of course.. I do realize that they can't hear me. BUT, I need to say my little chant for my mental health and lane crossing abilities.),

THEN.. *I teach all day, (AND every other day one class period makes this a challenge-- but, that class will end on January 25.. not that I'm counting or anything), check my mail, do errands (if needed), go home, rest, take a photo or use one of the photos that I've already taken when I find something unusual, write my blog entry for the day/using a photo to jazz it up a little, knit a little, check email again (that time zone difference means you never know when someone will send an email), prepare or find something to eat, resist the urge to see if my 401K has more $$ in it or how much it has dropped $$ (I just don't check anymore- I'm waiting for the magic of compounding interest to start working. I've been waiting a long time.), and then I might watch some tv or a dvd.. and then go to bed to start the process all over.

So, you see.. this is my life and my life isn't that exciting. I look forward to comments on my blog.. it makes me feel that I've given someone a chuckle, or I've touched a cord of common interest/etc, mostly.. I try to let you see a small glimpse in my life.. which even though I do happen to be living in a foreign country- I am actually doing almost the same thing as you are doing wherever you live.

However, when I see that many, many people have visited my blog in less than a day and not one person leaves a comment... it just makes me feel like no one is interested in the blog, my blog wasn't interesting, etc.

And, for those that have commented in the past.. you make my day when I see that someone has left a comment. I do try to reply to all comments and I might miss one or two here and there- but, mostly, I do answer and comment back to any comments I receive.

SO, what I'm saying is people.. come on.. think about it.. leave a comment, every so often. PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON IT. *If you don't have a blog you can still leave a comment. (in case you didn't know that) IF you have any suggestions for improving the blog- please share your suggestions too. I also understand that you might not want to leave a comment and that is fine.. but, after days and days and many, many visitors to my blog and no one leaving a comment.. I was getting a little sad and even thinking of taking a break from the blog. :*(

Today, was one of those days, where I am drained.. So, forgive me- I'm not in a very good mood. Ok, I'm actually thinking of running away- but, I work for the US Government, I have a official government passport, and they have my fingerprints on file- so, it would be very difficult to run away.

Yes, today I had 'that particular' 7/8th grade class that has a 'unfortunate mix' of trouble makers/severe discipline problems, kids in it. They are scheduled ever other day and they will not come anymore after January 25.. not that I'm counting or anything. :D
I have taught them since August and they have drained me of the joy of getting to teach art for the first time in several years.

Thank you for visiting my blog- I do appreciate it and hope you enjoy the photos and the chance to see a place that you might have been to before or just see a place that is different and yet, in some ways, the same as where you live.

Thanks.. for being a reader of my first blog attempt.

OK, I apologise for the double 'poll'.. I don't know what happened and I can't make one of them be deleted. So, if you answer the poll- just answer the one on the top. Thanks. It is time to go to bed.. when one is outwitted by a 'blog entry poll'.. :D


Anonymous said...

We're here! I want to try your scarflette pattern! It looks great.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Oh yeah! Someone is out there!!

The scarflette is super easy.. the yarn knitted about 4 stitches to an inch? I think? You could use thick yarn or use yarn doubled- even two different colors would give a tweedy look?

The Crafty Gnome said...

I am a reader, but not a commenter. I do enjoy your blog (and your photos). It is one of my favorites!

Carey said...

Of course I did the polls before reading the blog... LOL sorry about that. :) I love reading your blog- it is part of my morning routine! I leave comments whenever I have something to say that I think might be remotely interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

Gotta try your scarflette. There are some scarflettes for sale on Etsy, at "Urban Knits," and I am trying to figure out the pattern. It looks like stockinette with some yarn-overs to make buttonholes, and some garter stitch ridges, and one big button. Maybe I will have to buy one to figure it out, but they are 42 to 50 bucks, darnit. I'm wanting to try something new, and scarflettes look cool!


iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Yeah.. messages.. it's like applause at the end of a play..

I know that carey posts comments every so often.. and nice to see a few others come out of the woodwork. :D

Thanks for mentioning the other scarfette.. I'll have to check it out- if you make mine- cast on more stitches than you think you'll need-- because the ribbing stitch pattern will pull in the knitting and it will appear more narrow once you get a few inches knitted.

Samantha said...

I personally love your blog because you always post a wide range of 'stuff' Yours is one of the two that I visit daily Yay.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Oh my, I'm so guilty and so busted!! I'm subscribed to your feed and I check as often as I can.. sometimes I'm so late reading them I feel bad leaving a comment, I promise to be better, I too LOVE getting comments on my blog!

You do have an awesome blog... I'm off to reply now :)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks Samantha and Mandi.. I'm glad you posted and enjoy reading my blog.

I've always taken a lot of photos 'of unusual stuff' and now I have a place to share them. :D