Friday, January 11, 2008

Today, drove me to drink... DR. PEPPER, that is..

Yep, all the snack vices.. Soda, chocolate, and chips.. *Ok, I didn't have any chips at home-- and I had to get some from the little Korean grocery store near my apartment- but, they still count as 'chips.'

I had been doing so well on my 'stop drinking sodas' plan that I started on New Year's Day. Today, required a real Dr. Pepper.

WHY was my day so: sucky, piss-y, (sorry, but it was that kind of day and that's as bad as my language gets)???

Well, this morning started out just fine. I woke up at 5am before the alarm rang and got up for some water and to take some meds that I have to take an hour before eating. I went back to bed for a 30 minute 'nap.' Then, about 5:40 am, I got on the computer to check my email and all was still fine 'weather wise.'... So, about 6 am, I took my shower and got ready for work. At 6:40, I looked out the window again and it was snowing and the ground and the roads were completely covered with snow! A SOLID COVERING of snow!! Darn it all.. why didn't the snow start earlier, so we could at least have a 'late delay' for school? I know that two inches of snow- might not sound like a enough snow for a 'delay' of school-- but, in Korea.. they DO NOT SALT or SAND the roads off-base when it snows and it is quite hilly here and .. how can I say this? The streets are full of CRAZY DRIVERS!!! So, it is quite dangerous when it snows and the streets are covered with snow.

Since, my car is too lightweight to make it up the sharp incline and two sharp curves of my underground parking area on snowy days-- I called a friend (of the mystery spice blog entry in Oct 07) to get a ride with her. As I was walking to the main street with my umbrella to protect myself from the heavy snow, to meet my friend- I stopped to take a photo of this:

A group of kids walked by and yelled out and laughed and said many things, as they walked past me, such as: Look! She has an umbrella! That is so silly to use an umbrella in the snow! I yelled out at them.. I am using an umbrella just like you'd use one in the rain.. so, I don't get wet! And, I also don't have a hood on my coat like you do.. (all of them had their hoods on their heads)... "You need to be careful what you say about people, they might understand what you say!" (I think that they didn't realize in the dark and from the back.. that I was an American who understood ENGLISH or maybe they said it in English on purpose? And, do I need to mention that I later noticed that the group of kids (about 8-10 years old) were walking with two MOTHERS????

Brats! Made me feel like I needed to shake a cane at the sky.. or maybe, I should have held my umbrella up to the sky muttering loudly.. "Rude Bratty Kids these days and their lack of manners." :D *SIGH.. do you think I need to get a supply of ink dabbers so I can start my BINGO PLAYING DAYS?

AND, I also need to add that EVERYONE USES AN UMBRELLA OR A HOOD ON THEIR COATS here when it snows! Sigh..

THEN, to add to the 'bad day' all around.. my one class that is full of 'severe behavior problem children'.. were really bad today. They were bad on Monday and Wednesday too and only have two more weeks of this semester before their classes change. I think that their plan is: Be as bad as you can, while you can. *They don't realize that I am looking forward to the semester change as much as they are!!! ha ha

I did send messages to 3 parents today about the three worst behaved of the students and asked if the parents could also support their punishment at home. *These three will have detention next week at lunch in my classroom. Both of our principals were gone for training today- so, I couldn't send them to the office. I will write up a report and send it to the principals on Monday- maybe, they'll give them detention in the office?

By the way, IT SNOWED ALL DAY and IS STILL SNOWING at 5:30pm So, it's been almost 12 hours of snow.. and school was not cancelled nor did we get an early release day. We have several inches of snow now.

When, I got to school- I saw this on the sidewalk.. Isn't it cute how kids are the same no matter what?

Ok, I'll think of something sweet.. fluffy kitties, the pretty snow.. here.. enjoy a few snow photos.. Please notice how you can NOT see the island in the river.. (look at the blog entry: The view from my window to see what I'm referring to..

Here is the river view w/out snow:

The streets are clearer now.. because, for the past two hours we've had that wet clumping snow and when it falls.. it tends to melt on the roads. I hope that the temperatures don't drop low during the night and freeze all the wet streets.

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