Monday, January 14, 2008

Is an EMPTY MOVIE THEATER a sign that the movie SUCKS?

Is this not funny? A friend and I went to the movies the last week of school prior to the winter break. We went on a day when it felt like we were just trying to 'keep the students safe and uninjured.' Teachers also count the days and hours until Friday as much as the kids do. So, we decided that we needed to see a movie as a mid-week form of entertainment.

I don't remember the name of the movie now- but, it was a 'mystery movie' to us.. not a mystery as in: A type of movie that has mystery that needs to be solved.

No, this particular 'mystery' means.. that since, we are in an overseas location, and don't have commercials on TV advertising new movies, or movie reviews in the local newspaper, and rarely get to see 'previews of coming attractions' in the movie theater on base. So sometimes you see a movie that is a total MYSTERY as in: You have no idea as to who is in the movie or what the movie is about.

That is how I saw 'SILENCE OF THE LAMBS' accidentally! I kid you not. All we knew was the poster with the name of the movie: SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.. featured Jody Foster w/ a butterfly in her mouth. Now, how could that be an indicator of a scary movie? Our base had no movie previes and all we knew was that Jody Foster was a good actress and had been in several good movies. Now, how on earth were we to know about the beyond scary plot?

I have not seen the movie since and am almost afraid of innocent butterflies. Ok, I'm afraid of butterflies on people's faces would be more like it.


Christine said...

The Mystery Movie - made me laugh! And the empty theater reminded me of a first date many years ago where we were the ONLY ones at the movie (should have taken that as a sign, there was no second date LOL)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Too funny.. Christine..

I just pretended that it was the movie theater at the White House.

By the way, after the movie was over .. we discovered that 3 other people had slipped in after the "National Athem" was over. So, the crowd swelled to a total of 5!