Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let's talk: Public bathrooms in Korea or something you might not have thought about???

Most public bathrooms are still the 'in the floor' type-- but, in the more modern buildings there will be either 'sit on the stool' types or a choice between the stool and the floor model of toilet. Even in the subways, usually there will be at least one stall with the 'stool type'... usually it's the last stall and personally they are worth the wait. You also take your own tissue, because 'toilet tissue' is not a guarantee and for this I made the 'sock monkey travel tissue holder' that was featured in another blog entry.

The other day, I happened upon this 'two-toned' model:

Then, when I raised the lid.. I saw this...

And, upon further inspection, I discovered this little feature...
A 'trainer toilet seat' for kiddos. Cool, huh?

*YES, I do admit to taking photos in a public bathroom stall. I just figure that my role is to provide entertainment for/to others.

Of course, this was also the only time that I've seen this in a public bathroom 'anywhere' in Korea. Still, neat to think that it's available and probably appreciated for the little kiddos out there needing to use the public bathroom.

On another vein of thought.. I've often wondered what people in wheelchairs or those on crutches with foot,ankle, or knee injuries do in the regular Korean public toilets where the toilet choices are only those in the floor??

Yes, I really do think about these things- especially after... I was on crutches for 5 months a couple of years ago while living here. THERE is no way that I could have 'used the facilities' of a floor toilet.

Don't you wonder about things like this? Of course, if you're in America.. (and since I'm an American- I know that it is unlikely) 'unless' you've traveled to other parts of the world that you've even seen a toilet in the floor and maybe you haven't thought about this.. but, thanks to me.. NOW YOU CAN! :D

And, want to know when the first time that I absolutely had to use the floor toilet because, there was NO OTHER CHOICE? On a train in China. Just imagine trying that balancing act, squatting over a floor hole on a moving train! Ah, the joys of travel. :D


Carey said...

I had to use one of those 'in the floor' types at a beach in France once... and believe it or not, I had the same thought! :) Of course, the shower in the hotel I stayed in there was approximately the same design... just one big room with a hole in the floor, a shower head above it, the sink, the toilet... and a coin slot to start the water! As you said, the joys of travel... :)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

When, I moved to Italy.. I thought my 'in the floor' bathrooms were a thing of the past.. ha ha..

Some really nice/fancy restaurants still had the bathrooms in the floor!