Sunday, January 20, 2008

One skein of the new yarn has found a useful purpose for it's life..

it is being knitted into a scarf...

This will be my 'knit' on the go project. It's already more than twice the length shown in the photo.

Other news:

They are predicting snow/rain mix today and tomorrow (as in TUE) so, maybe, maybe it will snow like it did last time (but, they didn't cancel school or give us an early dismissal EVEN THOUGH IT SNOWED HEAVY FROM 6:15 am- 7:30pm-darn it.) and maybe.. we'll miss school on TUESDAY? I will disregard the weather prediction of less than one inch of snow expected.

Instead, I will focus on the 2 days in a row of predicted SNOW (and rain) which might give us a day off from work! And, of course, the fact that Tuesday will be the last day of the semester that just happens to have that ONE 'difficult' class is not influencing me at all. Not at all. :D

I met with my 'knitting student' last night. I taught her how to 'join another skein of yarn' on her scarf. She is doing just great! I gifted her w/ a collection of stitch markers that I had made in 2 different sizes for future knitting projects.

UPDATE: It started snowing at 7:30am and it is now 8:15am and the ground, sidewalks, and side roads are already covered in a blanket of snow! The big 6 lane road that I can see out my window.. is mostly wet and is not snow covered-but, there is constant traffic on this road. SO, maybe.. we will get a day off tomorrow? Too early to tell right now.. but, I will keep my fingers crossed!


Mulderknitter said...

It is aobut 2 degrees faren. here in Minneapolis. We are used to it though. Snow is nothing for us!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

OOh, that's cold! Well, we had snow again and it snowed all day. However, it didn't start until 6:15am..

The only problem here is that they (local areas off-base) don't put sand or salt down if it does snow- so, things get pretty bad out there w/ even just a few inches of snow.

The Crafty Gnome said...

That scarf is so pretty. It looks so delicate!