Friday, January 25, 2008

Ok, let's suppose you read my blog entry about the bathrooms in the floor and 'try' as you might.. you just couldn't wrap your mind around


Here ya go.. (You're welcome for the photo and it's nothing, I'm just doing my part to perform a public service of cultural exchanges!) :D

*AND, yes.. I did take a photo of the public bathroom and yes.. someone did come into the bathroom while I was in the middle of the photo taking 'session'.. and yes, they did stare at me. Oh well, I just look at it as giving them 'something' to talk about at dinner that night. :D

Now you see why I wondered how people on crutches, knee injuries and the such would be able to use this type of bathroom safely or at all?

And notice the toilet paper .. not all public bathrooms include this feature- so, I always carry one of those small tissue holders. As a matter of fact, I made one for myself and thought it was so cute.. that I made some for my friends.
I made the tissue holders 'reversible' and the inside fabric is the "Dick and Jane" fabric that the 'sock monkey' tissue holder is sitting on... *They were all teachers so.. the 'Dick and Jane' fabric was very appropriate.

On a sidenote.. when I first moved to Italy in 1997.. I was really excited about getting to go to Italy for the amazing food, the museums, the famous landmarks to visit.. and I actually said it outloud..and there would be no more squattee bathrooms and it would be "THE END TO SQUATTEE" bathrooms. (the in the floor squat models)

HA HA.. the squattee types are all over Italy! Even in nice restaurants. Boy was I surpised.


LizzieK8 said...

The non-toilet bathrooms in Greece (30 years ago) were a square tiled area, with a ridge (kinda like a shower stall in a gym) with a drain in the middle and two foot prints painted on the tile.

You squatted and did your business.

Years later, when I started having babies, I found out that this kind of toilet strengthened the pelvic floor muscles and assisted in childbirth. Who knew?

Mairwen said...

Wow - kinda helps people remember to stay in shape, no? Or else you can't use the potty. I pity anyone with bad knees.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

This is the bathroom in the fabric/yarn market. In the different floors of the builing- they are all 'squattee' type (that's what I call them) and only one lone 'stool' type in the last stall.

HOWEVER, in the yarn market (basement floor) of the building.. they are all STOOL type.. so, you know that the only reason that I need to go to the yarn market .. is so I can go to the bathroom, right?

So, what if my eyes.. catch some pretty yarn on the way to 'do my business'.. that I have to stop and buy some yarn after I finish. :D

I've used the floor model many times.. especially when I first was in Korea in 1991.. there were not many 'stool types' out there in the public bathrooms- but, there are more to be found now.. or at least there is an option 'sometimes' in public bathrooms.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

I am a fluffy girl... I don't see me squatting over this to do my business.. ROFL!! My goodness... culture shock?

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

There aren't many public bathrooms out there.. in Seoul, South Korea.

Most buildings that I've gone into-do not have public bathroom signs.

But, the subways have bathrooms- just in case!

Sharly said...

Oh my! That could be the scariest thing I've ever seen!