Sunday, December 30, 2007


I use a very old, worn with wear, oak box that used to hold library cards. I wish that I had my grandmother's recipe box-- but, I wasn't living in the area when they went through the household goods after she died. I have no idea as to where the recipe box ended up-- I do doubt that anyone is actually using and treasuring it, however.. and that is sad.. because, of all the grandchildren.. I would have cherished and used it.

She did teach me how to cook and sew for my Four H Club projects. AND, there are quite a few recipes that I do wish that I had my own copy...

I do have this recipe for Fresh Apple Cake that was my grandmother's because .. I had borrowed it and never returned it. For once, not being prompt was a good thing.

What does your recipe box look like? Do you have any old recipes to share?


Carey said...

I love that recipe box! I have my 'every day' recipes on index cards in a little box I got from Walgreens, nothing fancy... but my 'special' recipes are in a composition notebook. Both of my grandmothers used clothbound, lined notebooks, and I have both of those notebooks now. I figured I'd start one of my own in the hopes that someday, someone will care about my passed down recipes. :)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

A notebook/journal is a good idea.. and easier NOT TO LOSE! :D