Friday, December 7, 2007

IT snowed!!!

But, not enough:
This photo was taken on base in one of the 'teacher parking lots' see.. the wall of new and still not ready for renting.. high-rise apartments? They are right off base.. but, RIGHT NEXT TO OUR MILITARY BASE. There is a group of 10 of them and most are 34 floors or so. They are next to the gate that I enter to come onto base.

This photo was also taken from on base-- a view of the 'huge' museum.. off base- but, on property that used to belong to the military base. It used to be a golf-course. The big white flat area is a baseball field.

You can see how big the building is here.

We still had school ALL DAY.. no delay, no missing school.. Teachers get just as excited about the possibility of a 'snow day' as the kids do.

UPDATE: By noon there was no evidence of any snow... anywhere...

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