Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Look what SANTA (uh, my friend Pam) sent ME!!

The 'Santa' is a night-light! Isn't that the cutest thing? And, Christmas socks.. (something teachers tend to do for the kids!), and the cup says: Madill Wildcats.. that's where Pam and I went to HS.. our school's mascot was the: WILDCAT... grrr

And look at this box full of CORNBREAD from OKLAHOMA! Made in Shawnee, Oklahoma.. (thus, the name of the company is: SHAWNEE MILLS) Now, if you're not from the south- you might not realize the importance of 'good cornbread'... I didn't get to go to Oklahoma this summer-- (usually I put some packages in my suitcase and mail some to myself so, I have enough 'cornbread' to last me throughout the year.) Pam, being the good friend that she is, always sends me some if I run low of cornbread.

AND.. the best of all? Those are southern Oklahoma (grown in the same area where we went to HS) paper shell pecans! MY oh MY!!! Pecans are native to Oklahoma.. and they are so good fresh. If you even 'sort of like pecans' (pronounced: PEE cons) you'd swoon if you got a chance to eat fresh from the tree pecans!

Paper shell means: YOU CAN CRACK THEM by squeezing two of them together, hammer them w/ a remote control, (ask me how I know) and if you want you can even put one in your mouth and crack it w/ your teeth. Hey, when you first open your box.. and you see all of those pecans.. all reason goes out of the window and your goal is to: CRACK THOSE PECANS AS FAST AS POSSIBLE and start eating!

I also have a box of southern OKLAHOMA grown peanuts in the car. I'm not sure if they are raw or roasted or both? I had too much to bring in from the car when I parked in the parking garage to carry everything to the elevator and then to my apartment-- so, something had to stay behind in the car.

I've lived all over and there are things that I miss from each place that I've lived.

I miss the juicy white peaches, the roasted chickens from the markets, all the wonderful cheeses, the wines, and all of the pastries that are found in Italy.

From Okinawa, I miss the clean air, turquoise waters, and the most vivid sunsets that I've ever seen.

From the Philippines, I miss the unleavened bread/crackers that we'd get with our meals in the Officer's Club, the lemonade drink made from a small green citrus fruit.

And from Oklahoma .. I miss...

fried Okra, homegrown garden veggies, catfish, Sonic drive-in's, my uncle's fish fries, and of course the Oklahoma peaches, sandbass, pecans, peanuts, and cornbread.

When I returned to Korea- the first thing that I went out to eat was one of the wonderful ice-cream fruit bars that they have here. They taste like a honeydew melon and are sooooo good. Also, I had my favorite drink here- 'MILK-IS'..

So, what do you miss from previous locations?

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