Tuesday, December 25, 2007

You never know where you are going to find one of Santa's Helpers!

The other night, my friend and I went to TOY ALLEY to pick up some last minute items. We were there a couple of hours and we were walking back to the subway station, carrying our purchases, when out of the corner of my eye.. I spotted one of Santa's helpers crouched hiding behind some boxes. Of course, I snapped a photo...
Not sure why she was hiding? Maybe she didn't want anyone to know that she was one of SANTA'S HELPERS?

Well, in celebration of 'giving' to others less fortunate... the military base where I work also participates in the TOYS FOR TOTS program.. however, the toys donated here- are taken to orphanages off-base for the local community as a gift from the Americans associated with our military base.

I had purchased a few toys that I put in the drop box and wanted to buy a Barbie doll as an additional 'girl gift.' There weren't any Barbie dolls to be found in our small toy selection-- so, I bought an 'off-brand' fashion doll.

I took her home and knitted her a warm wool sweater, scarf, and hat for the Korean winters. Then, I sewed some of the fabric samples from the fabric building that I had, to make other items of clothing for the doll. After all, isn't a doll even more fun with some extra clothing?

And, since it was going to a little girl in an orphanage.. there probably wouldn't be anyone else adding to the 'clothing collection' for her doll. I made a poncho, some skirts, 1 tan sweater (that matched everything of course!), and other odds and ends. I even found a cowboy hat, in the fabric building, that fit the doll perfectly!

Here is the little doll with all of her outfits... I just layered all the clothing in the box- so, nothing would be separated from the doll- since, you can't wrap the gifts prior to donating them.


Sharly said...

The clothes look great! Lucky doll! I'm sure the little girl will treasure her gift!

Hope you had a merry Christmas!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thank you.. it would have been so neat to have seen the little girl (whoever it went to in the orphanage) when she opened up her doll and all the clothing. :D

I think that I'll try to get a doll and make clothing every year that I can, for the Toys for Tot's program.