Saturday, December 1, 2007

How square can you knit a square?

These are my donated 4 inch squares on the diagional, that I found out have just arrived all the way from Seoul, South Korea to NEW YORK CITY, NY (said in a voice from any of the characters that lived in Mayberry, NC on the Andy Griffith TV SHOW.) *Yes, I do know that it is a TV SHOW and not a real town.. but, I still wanted to live there when I was a kid.

The squares are for the blanket that is being made from knitted squares sent in from all over to the website. It was suggested to use 'left-over sock yarn' but.. since, I have never knitted a sock.. I just used some yarn that I knew was THIN like sock yarn should be.. and I could have knitted a sock from it had I been so inclined. (Sure I could have.. I'm sure of it.. sort of)

So, anyway.. my name.. 'Jeannie' got mentioned on the website, in the blog entry dated November 28th.. as having knitted squares that had arrived in NYC! WOO HOO.. my name was mentioned on another blog.. and on a blog that is written by people who have published a real book! :D

AND, I'm very proud of the squares.. because, they were the first items that I knitted when my hand/thumb injury was finally well enough to do the knitting motions.. I DID NOT SAY that it didn't hurt to knit.. just, that I was finally able to do so! And, it was nice that I was able to do it for a good cause.

Here's the knitted item that the yarn had orginally been used for.. before the left-overs were knitted into a square that now will be used for a blanket to help a child get a wheelchair. It is a baby caridgan for a baby that was born in July .. and hopefully, he'll be able to wear his nice warm cardi this winter and maybe next winter too?


susanc said...

Love the baby cardigan. It's really beautiful.

That's great about being able to get the squares done. I hope your wrist is feeling better every day.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thank you! Yes, I'll be glad when my hand is well enough to 'really, really' knit. I miss knitting.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Trudy said...

Wondered where the pattern for the sweater came from? IT's beautiful. My granddaughter is about 7 months now, an I have a 3 yr.old grandson--I think they'd BOTH look cute in it!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Trudy, this is loosely based on the PEA POD baby cardigan.. free on the web.. I think it's an Interweave design? However, do a search.

But, I need to tell you that the ONLY THING that I did the same as that pattern was the bottom edging-the rest I made up myself. I found the 'directions' for the Pea Pod design CONFUSING at best and I've knitted for years! I did cast on the same number of stitches and did the bottom edging the same-- that's it! :D

I didn't write anything down that I did- I just winged it as I knitted it.

Anonymous said...

pihobegSo glad you were not injured and that all your stash is safe and sound!!!