Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Christmas ornament for ME!

I usually make some sort of hand-made ornaments for friends.. but, tend to forget myself in the rush to get everything completed. So, last night.. after all the holiday celebrations was over... I decided to knit myself a little ornament. I used a snowflake chart from the pattern: Fireside Stocking in the 2007 Interweave Holiday Gifts knitting magazine.

I just used scrap acrylic yarn and a small amount of thin white fuzzy acrylic yarn for the snowflake. If I'd had enough, I would have doubled the yarn to make it the same size as the red yarn.

*I'm going to make a ribbon change and put a white ribbon on the ornament- I think that the contrast will look better?

The fabric that I used for the back of the ornament-- is almost just like the actual knitted snowflake. Sweet!