Friday, December 21, 2007

If a little 'sparkle' is good.. a whole lotta SPARKLE ought to be even better, right?

In December, a few stores in Namdaemun Market change their inventory and start selling CHRISTMAS decorating items.. well, you could call it that... I guess...

Personally, I think saying that they sell 'Christmas decor', is like saying that Dolly Pardon sort of wears tight garments in the 'busty' area.. I should add that most residents of Korea do not celebrate Christmas-- it is 'for the most part' a Buddist country. However, that being said.. some do decorate and you'll see quite a few 'businesses' decked out with a tree, wreath, and/or lights.

In the middle of all of this 'stuff' are some really cute items... but, sometimes it's too overwhelming to look.

There is no way to photograph the blinking lights and all the overpowering sparkling flash and massive amount of items.


Marykz said...

I think they definitely need more tinsel. and some fake snow. LOL- talk about sparkle overload!!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

ha ha.. I did take a video of one of the stores when I went back to the market- but, I can't make it download to my blog entry. :*(

It really shows the sparkle and twinkle to max effect!! Almost makes you dizzy watching it. :D