Sunday, December 16, 2007

Living on the EDGE.. mayonnaise wise, that is..

You might remember my 'almost fire' a week ago? And, the fact that the power was off about 38 hours? Of course, I had just gone to the grocery store the day before:

Notice the dripping pool of now 'wilted' raw spinach.... Of course, I had to toss almost everything out.

Well, today.. I thought I'd make some home-made pimento cheese for sandwiches to go along with the soup that I'd make for dinner. This combination would be yummy for today and also provide easy lunch meals at school for the upcoming week.

Well, today I dumped the entire new bag of shredded cheese, put in some chopped pimento and added some dollops of mayonnaise. I blended it all together, grabbed 2 slices of whole wheat bread and made myself a sandwich.

I took a big bite and noticed it was a little 'whangy' but, I knew that pimentos sort of have a different taste anyway. I then glanced down and noticed the two-thirds full container of mayonnaise and realised that I had NOT THROWN IT AWAY like I did the yogurt, milk, and other assorted foods that had been in the refrigerator.

I suddenly heard in my mind-- every warning about food poisoning caused by 'potato salad, coleslaw, and macaroni salad' left out too long at picnics. And, here I was.. eating the not MIGHT 'get you sick' from sitting 2 hours outside mayonnaise in 'suspect' potato salads.. oh, no.. we are talking about..

MAYONNAISE that has been been without refrigeration for about 38 hours and I had just taken a big bite of this 'tainted' pimento cheese sandwich prepared with the 'guaranteed to make you sick if you eat it' mayonnaise!

Of course.. that was the end of lunch.


Sharly said...

Awww! You seriously had me craving pimento cheese...until the rancid mayo part!! Hope you don't suffer any ill effects!!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Yeah.. a whole entire package of cheese all mixed up and DANGErouS!


I just sort of 'didn't feel well' I didn't get sick or anything- but, chewed on a few pepto bismo tablets.. just in case!

Carey said...

I'm glad you didn't get sick!