Friday, June 7, 2013

Tired and so much to do...

Sometimes, you just need to say "NO" to the shirt!   I spotted this 'shopper' making some clothing purchases for a male in her life.   This is when you need to remember... "YOU" (the female YOU, that is) might like the dashing scarf and the large summery flowers... but, are you sure your father?  Brother?  Boyfriend?  Male Friend?  Or Husband would also want and wear this outfit?   Then on the other hand... maybe they would?   Who knows?   I certainly am not on the 'cutting edge' of fashion... heck, I'm not even on the surface of fashion trends!   It just reminded me how we all sometimes 'buy' something for someone else that WE'D LIKE FOR OURSELVES!!*Photo taken somewhere in France?  Or Italy?  Can't remember now- but, it was about 2 years ago on a trip somewhere... we were in a large group (military base travel trip) and I wanted to take photos- but, I had to be careful so I wouldn't get left behind because everyone else was walking quickly following the person leading us to some other location.

One more week of school.  AND, I will spend another weekend working at school.  Why?
Lessons to grade, report cards to 'eventually' fill out, comments on the report cards to write..    I also need to pack up some things from my classroom to take home... because... A lot of my own things, that I have hauled to my classroom,  won't fit into the cabinets and will need to be brought home, stuff needs to be cleaned up... (it gets busy and things go by the wayside).  Etc. Etc. Etc.


Anonymous said...

It will be done before you know it. Seems you go from having lots to do to being finished. That is a wonderful feeling!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I know... this type of the year... on one hand: you want it to go SUPER FAST because... you are so ready for it all to be over! THEN, again... there's too much to do and you need a few more days to get it done! (Which is why I'm working there again this weekend!)


I'm making breakfast and then I'm going to school.