Saturday, June 1, 2013

More views of the newly discovered yarn shop!!!!

The store that I found even had some baby bibs and things like that .. that had places that you could add 'cross-stitch' to them to personalize them or add cute designs.  Items shown to the right of this photo is where they were located. 
 The store was one of those 'stuff stuck here and there'... but, that was the fun part of it-- the search and discovery of new yarns.  It also reminded me of shopping in Korea.

The store also had some of the beautiful Italian kitchen linens... (at the bottom area of the photo) and I think that when I go back that I might buy some of them too.  They also had the painted canvases for needlepoint and some can be seen here and there. *The hanging canvases shown here are some.

My oh my... look at all that yarn-y goodness!  Sorry, it's a little out of focus...

This was a scarf knitted out of some of the ribbon yarn and of course 'that color' was no longer available.  That always seems to be the way-- any knitted item for display... that color gets sold out quickly!

This is the first section that my friend and I were looking at... this tiny 6 foot space?  (from the purple/white yarn in the front to the teal blue at the far end-- next to the grey tweed looking yarn)  It took us 45 minutes to go that far!   Needless to say, we looked a lot during our 2 hour visit... but there was no way that we managed to look at everything.   We kept getting distracted by new discoveries!

I did buy the yarn for this knitted up scarf sample.  In the same color too!  :D  I liked the little added crochet flowers right at the bottom of the scarf.

They also had regular solid colored wool yarns too.  

Lots of purse handles were available too.

It was so much fun to explore in this shop.  It's only about 20 minutes away from where I live.   One of my good friends (we used to teach at the same school in Korea) is flying over from England the first week that school is out for both of us... I taught her how to knit in Korea and every so often we meet at another location to play tourist, visit, and for my friend to also get some more 'knitting lessons!'   I did go to see her once in England and this will be her first visit to a place where I'm living.   I haven't been out and about too much since I arrived in Italy... (too busy with moving here almost 3 months AFTER school had already started) and of course 'due to the move' didn't have much money to spend for traveling about anyway...

I do know of a few good places to eat and Venice is only an hour away by train.   I know of 3 yarn stores (this is the biggest one),  a great gelato place (in my little town), and we'll go out exploring while she is here.

Two more weeks of school!!!  

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