Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's SUMMER VACATION... FINALLY~ As of TODAY!!! It is finally here!! woo hooo...

To me, this is 'typical Italy' wonderful little cobblestone alleys... leading to courtyards and buildings,homes, and life that has been lived in these same walls for centuries..

Quiet and serene...some flowers... cobblestone street is even worn down in the middle with all the centuries of others walking the same path wearing away the stone.   This image to me indicates a 'slower paced' life.  Rest when needed, good fresh food cooked and shared amongst friends and family.   Usually the bikes seen are the old fashioned styles too.  That have had many coats of paint put on them through the years.  Here? You also see many elderly people riding their bikes too. 

It is common not to see the outside of the very old buildings painted on the outside.   They are likely to have marble floors, high ceilings, ornate carved thick wooden doors, wonderful tall windows letting in the sunlight with the old wooden shutters that can make the bright day 'night'...

I hope you all get to have some restful moments this summer... quiet solitude... just moments looking at nature... even in the middle of a city...   in the middle of company visiting all summer, children's sports games, shopping... just try to stop and watch a butterfly... some flowers... and think of these quiet little alleyways that are all over Italy... just off the main road.

Not only do I always look UP when I'm in Italy knowing that I am likely to find some amazing carved doorways, windows, or statues holding up window ledges... I also always look to the right and left... to the un-noticed little side alleys to the "REAL ITALY."

No matter where you live... or visit... there are going to be some of the same places that are the 'Real' areas ... where the everyday life is being lived.

The Italians have a saying for this...  La dolce vita    (The Sweet Life)

I have been so tired. (still am) I work late often at school- but, these past 3 weeks have especially busy... ending a school year always is this way.   The past 2 weeks, I've stayed at work 12-16 hour days almost every day.    Last night, I was so tired... too tired to even stop and pick up a pizza to go... too tired to cook anything at home... what did I finally eat?  Some frozen tater tots that I warmed up.   I also DID NOT set the alarm.  What time did I wake up?  6:30am!   Well, that is later than 5am, right?

This weekend's plans are... to do some heavy cleaning.  That has been left undone lately and I have a good friend flying in from England for a week before we both fly to the states.  We used to teach at the same US Military base in Seoul, South Korea.   So, we are going to see the sights, shop, eat out, and do some more knitting lessons.  

The only problem with that plan is... I haven't done much of anything since I moved here... too busy and not any 'extra' money after I paid all the rental deposits and everything else associated with a move.  (3 months of rent was my deposit)

However, I know where some things are... and a couple of good restaurants... (I'm for sure taking her to the little food place that I found during spring break with the GREAT FOOD and of course having lunch with 50-60 strangers ALL MEN wasn't bad at all either!) and I have directions for a couple of other places.  And, I'm good at exploring and finding places.  So, we'll have fun for sure.  

So, I will post photos of our adventures!   It will be fun to have someone to go out and do things with.  The night she arrives, (Monday) my little town is having a festival... so we are stopping there for sure for our dinner meal and to listen to the live music performance/s.

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