Thursday, June 20, 2013

Muriano Island (Venice, Italy)

A window herb garden... (proud to say that my basil looks healthier)  *notice the marble windowsill

Canal street in Murano  (water is much more still than in Venice- but, there are far less canals on Murano Island)

Flowers on almost every window.  I took this photo because of the beautiful arched windows-- but, take a look at these hand made wrought iron (and very old) window flower boxes!

I went from using a comforter on my bed on a Friday, removed it and put my summer time cotton quilt bedspread on my bed... to the kids and grown ups wearing jackets until around June 12... to suddenly the temps rose from the 70's to the 90's.  It was so hot the day we were walking around in Murano Italy (Tuesday, June 18) ... miserable hot is was, no wind blowing of any kind, humid... and we finally decided that we needed to sit down and get something to drink.   So, here are the remains (I drank mine right up) of our lemonade break.  *Not hand made-- the lemonade from a can/bottle.   Cost?  10 euros... or about $12.60   *In Venice, you pay a 'sit down and use the table' fee also.   However, notice the nice hand blown glass bowl.  *IT is a place on Murano where they have been making glass for centuries!  
We're off for more adventures today.   I'm on my way to the local bakery to get some fresh bread for our breakfast.  Then, we'll go a market; then on to more adventures.  I was too tired to download any of yesterday's photos...  but, I will when I get a chance. 

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