Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 2 of summer vacation-- Murano, Italy (the glass making island of Venice)

Yesterday, I picked my friend up at the airport-- well, I rode the military bus shuttle to the airport to pick her up-- it was going to be perfect-- I was arriving when her plane was landing... except her plane was late departing England.  So, we ended up missing the military bus back to the base by 12 minutes... and we had to wait 3 hours for the last bus of the night.  So, it was too late to have dinner at my town's last night of the local festival.   I left at 3pm and got home about 10:30 pm and my friend started out at 6am and got to my house at 10:30pm... so, it was a long day for all.

 Today, we went on the train to Venice.   We took the water taxi to the island of Murano.   We walked and walked in the hot, hot, hot sun and the humidity?   We won't talk about it... but, it had been such a cold spring/early summer and boom... it's HOT... in the 90's sweating hot.   I did put some sunscreen on my arms and they did not sunburn.  However, I forgot to put it on my face or neck-- but, it wouldn't have mattered-- I would have sweated it all off anyway.  

After we got to Murano... we went walking around.   We found a small area that had a glass blowing demonstration.   Then, I met a charming lady, who I found out lived in Venice (all her life), and she is the one that I asked where to find a place to eat for lunch.  

While walking to the restaurant in our round-about way... we ended up walking down a street full of small gardens and large homes.   The above post-office box was found at one such entrance.  You can tell it is really old-- and a coat of arms??? When's the last time you saw that on a mail-box?   I thought it had a lot of character. 
One of the gardens along this residential street that we found (while aimlessly looking for the restaurant while shopping and looking)  Aren't those flowers wonderful?

Another garden pathway... If you notice the shadows along the sides... that's from sticking my camera lens through the wire holes of the fence.  *I checked to see if anyone was watching before I did take the photos.

And, another yard with their own little patio area to the left.

Something that I've always done to try to find really good meals... is when I find someone really friendly (not trying to sell me stuff friendly) store worker/owner... is that I ask them were a really good place with local food is located for lunch (or dinner).  A place that they like- not a place for the tourists.  I did that again today and we found this amazing restaurant.   The food was amazing.   My friend and I shared some of the food and each got our own pasta dish as our main meal.  *Well, I tried to get a pasta dish... but, didn't succeed in my mission. 

My friend and I shared fresh grilled scallops.  Wonderful!

We shared a platter of grilled veggies...  Great tasting too.

This is my main dish (well, for me the main dish-- this was to be my pasta dish- it didn't make it; did it?)  The guy misunderstood me and gave me the spider crab dish instead of the spider crab pasta dish with fresh rosemary and olive oil and tomatoes.   I can't complain... because it was delicious.  

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