Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Starry, starry night.. oh Vincent...

I found the song and it is even sung by Don McLean.. it also shows images of Van Gogh's art. Some of the paintings were on display in the museum.. pretty neat to see some that you've seen in books, on posters, calendars, cards, etc.. in person!

*Anyone remember this Don Mclean song? (Somehow that name doesn't look right?) Have I remembered his name wrong all these years? Or was it my 'snow day hope' being dashed again that caused the memory lag/loss?

IF you aren't familiar with the song- it is a hauntingly beautiful song about Vincent Van Gogh.

This weekend, I went to see the Vincent Van Gogh art display at one of the Seoul Art Museums.. the wait to get into the museum was over an hour and half about 20 minutes of it was outside in this line. *It was much longer than this and there are many, many people in line behind us. I didn't think to take a photo earlier. There was even a long line just to get the tickets to get into the museum.

Once we got inside the building, we were in another long line that snaked around in several loops.. my friends and I took turns going into the museum's gift shop for entertainment- while 1 or 2 kept our place in line. Made the time go much faster. I also knitted in line.

However, I must confess that I was bad, bad.. bad.. I tell ya.. bad....I took a photo of one of Vincent's earlier landscapes. His early years have some of my favorite paintings by him-- they were very realistic and serene.. before.. he had some 'issues' develop. *Of course, someone was there w/in one second and said in ENGLISH TO ME.. "NO PHOTOS!"

Of course, they also had one of his famous sunflowers on display.. (note: NOT THE REAL PAINTING- I took a photo of an art print in the gift shop.. I was only bad once! I didn't want them to take my camera away.)

Some of my other favorite paintings that they did have on display. *Again, photos of the prints in the museum gift shop!

This is the yellow house that he had lived in.

It was an amazing display and well worth waiting in line in the cold weather outside and the crowded lines on the inside on a cold February Sunday afternoon. He is one of my favorite artists and seeing his artistic expressions that he put his heart and soul in; made me feel connected to the past and the beauty that he saw in everyday objects/etc.

I am so glad that although Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his life- he continued to do his life's passion- painting despite non-acceptance in the art world and by society. He was fortunate to have a close relationship with his brother THEO and his brother believed in his artistic abilities and helped to keep him supplied in canvases and paints. So, even though he had some rough times in his later life.. he was blessed to have a close relationship with his brother.

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