Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did anyone notice that I wasn't posting?

Well, there was a big reason.. it's called: @~!#$&@#~!
*Just use your own imagination as to why... it has to do w/ bad juju

Here ya.. go.. some facts about me:

1. I really do like the taste of water... and don't understand people who say
that they don't like the taste of water. *I mean, what are they drinking
when they are 'thirsty?' Nothing refreshes as good as water does...

2. My favorite spring time flowers are: TULIPS

3. I have more than 4 sets of dishes.. that I have bought from different locations
that I've lived. Most are Italian though.

4. I really do wish that there was such a thing as a 'fairy godmother'

5. I do not like coffee and when I lived in Italy.. everyone was shocked that I
didn't want any coffee of any type. I was beginning to wonder if the customs
form had something in Italian that I was required by law to consume coffee while
I lived there?

6. I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.. but, it is not a problem for
me to have to eat milk chocolate.. not a problem at all..

7. I really do like to eat salads. I buy a large variety of salad stuff each week
and each week.. I forget to cut it all up and put it together in a salad and each
week- I have to toss out something that 'died' in the veggie department. I have
good intentions.. really, I do. I bought more salad stuff today.. let the cycle

8. by the way...
My high school English teacher told us: The road to HELL is paved with good
intentions. Which is probably true.. but, can you imagine getting away with
saying something like that in a classroom today?

Have a good day.. and step away from the bad juju...


Christine said...

Glad to see you back :-) and hope the bad juju makes a quick exit!

PS - I am dying to see some tulips right about now...spring can't come quick enough!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Amen on the tulip spotting.. and here in the city of 17 million.. you don't see tulips growing anywhere- but, I can go and get some from the flower market and I already have my silk flowers in a vase in my living room to brighten the dreary winter sky that is visable in the big living room window.

Miss Hannah said...

I had wondered where you'd gone - here's hoping the bad juju is cleansed soon!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. I'm with ya on the salad thing. I'm forever throwing out something small, shriveled, and sometimes fuzzy b/c I completely forgot about using it in my salad. :(

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

lori.. yeah.. one of my kind.. the 'good intentions with salad stuff' kind.

Well, here's the update.. I bought groceries, including salad stuff on Saturday.. it is now TUE AM and I have yet to do anything, besides put it in the refrigerator, since the day that I bought the salad fixings home. LE SIGH..

However, there are still a few more days before it becomes mushy, green, and/or slimy.. but, then again.. I'm sure if I look there'd be something fitting that description already in there from the week's before attempt at 'salad eating'..