Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Groundhog and the Magpie saw their shadows

We don't have groundhogs here in Korea.. but, there are plenty of the big black and white birds called: MAGPIES

So, whenever I've lived here and taught in the elementary classroom... I'd teach my elementary students about the Groundhog event that happens in the states.. but, since we are so far away that the groundhog seeing or not seeing it's shadow wouldn't affect our weather, instead we would check to see if the MAGPIE bird would see it's shadow.

Here in Korea.. yesterday morning (Feburary 2 for us) was a cold, windy, and sunny day.. so, the MAGPIE did indeed see it's shadow.

I'll see if I can remember to take a photo of the big MAGPIE birds and insert the photo here, so you can see how big these birds are in real life. So, check back soon.

Speaking of birds, we have some tiny little brown birds that are in large groups on the ground and in the smaller trees in my apartment complex park areas.. so, I put some small pieces of yarn out on the ground for them yesterday to use as warm and soft nest building materials. I saved yarn scarps for my elementary students to put under trees when I teach on the elementary level.


Miss Hannah said...

I've never really understood the concept of Groundhog day, but it seems like everyone has fun and we (BRITS) have enough of our own fun traditions.
Magpies however, I do get - lovely birds! One of the strange rituals attached to Magpies is 'saluting the Magpie' - cross your fingers, blow it a kiss and say "good morning Magpie". Supposedly the ritual prevents back luck in some parts of England.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Interesting ritual.. I've never heard of it-- but, I'll have to try to remember it when I see another Magpie.

The first year that I lived here back in 1991.. after the leaves fell off the trees.. I noticed these HUGE 'EAGLE SIZED' nests in the very tip top of these very tall trees on the military base, where I was working and living, and I asked someone what type of bird made those enormous nests.. and I was surprised to find that it was the MAGPIE bird.

Apparently, they live in groups.. not just family groups.

Miss Hannah said...

Yeah, they're big group birds. Ever hear the 'one for sorrow, two for joy' chant? That applies to magpies too I think. You always want 2 or more maggies, even if you hate them! They also hoard, shiny things tend to go missing when the birds move in lol