Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The EVIL yellow dust season has started...

The season for the 'evil' yellow dust is usually March/April until the rains start in the summer. However, last year it started, off and on, in January and this year? WELL, we've already had at least 1 or 2 episodes in December 2007 and a 2-3 times in January. Yesterday, the levels weren't good either.

AND what is this EVIL YELLOW DUST you ask? It is a super fine dust that travels by air from the Gobi Desert in China. It is full of air pollution and chemicals that are dangerous to breathe. Especially, for those with asthma (me) or other respiratory problems. (me) Of course, this also depends on the various levels of yellow dust in the air- as to how dangerous it is.

When the levels get to 300 or more.. our elementary children can't play outside for recess. Here are the different levels:

Anyway, the yellow dust has gotten worse the past 3 years and is arriving sooner and sooner. Yesterday, the levels were 262 and here is some of the yellow dust that fell out of the sky.. on my car roof.

When it gets really bad, the sky is yellow and visibility is quite limited. I can't even see the buildings across the river when it is like that.

Here are updates about the Namdaemun Gate that burned in Seoul, South Korea: man admits arson first day


The Crafty Gnome said...

Your yellow dust does sound evil! We get yellow dust this time of year, but it is only pine pollen (although a lot of people are really allergic). When I saw the title, that is what I thought your post would be about! Take care of yourself and don't breathe that stuff!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Guess what? There was an article about this very thing in the next day's STARS and STRIPES (the military newspaper).. see, I was on the 'cutting edge' when I reported my story about the 'evil' yellow dust!! :D