Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pet Peeves about Korea..

(Photo download thingy on blogspot isn't working right now.. so, this will be a word only posting. Sorry.)

I am one of those people that basically likes every place that I've lived. I'm able to see the good in all the different locations. However, each place you live also has things that just 'bother you', 'get to you', or irate you. Since, I've almost lived here for 3 years- I'm beginning to notice a few things.

AKA.. David Letterman (except in no particular order)

1. The spitting on the sidewalk. So nasty and some people just hauk (I have no idea as to how to spell that word) up some big ones and just spit it out.

2. The constant horn honking. I am not kidding on this one. The light turns green, the intersection is blocked by a bus, 3 cars that went into the intersection AFTER their light turned red.. and they honk at you! Does honking the car make the light turn green? Does honking the car make the cars stuck in the intersection/etc.. suddenly have the ability to move forward- even though traffic is blocking their path?

I mean, what can I do? My car is an old car and doesn't have that magic button you press that elevates your car- (ala FLUBBER- and old Disney movie) so, the car floats above the 'problem' and out of the way so the car behind you can suddenly 'press' the magic button in their car. *I've always thought that the horns on Korean cars must be somehow attached to the brake.. press on the brakes.. your car honks.

3. The shoving and pushing. I sometimes have dreams of having a megaphone and the ability to speak Korean and yelling at the crowds going up and down the subway or any sidewalk. "Don't push, Don't shove, walk to the right, walk to the right."

4. The motorcycles that pass you on the left. *I think that you can understand this one without any more explanation, right?

5. The motorcycles driving on the sidewalks.. (this has improved since the first two times that I lived here.)

6. Cars that try to squeeze in front of you - when your car is the first car already in line waiting at the railroad crossing (or at other places).. but, yet.. suddenly.. other cars are nosing their way in front of your car.

7. The lack of trashcans in public places. I have carried soft drink cans or other pieces of temporary trash many subway stops until I get home to throw something away.

8. Lack of water fountains. *I just take my own water bottles with me when I'm out for more than an hour.

9. The crazy drivers. *I have lived in many different countries and they are pretty bad here.

10. CARS that DRIVE THROUGH RED LIGHTS 'just because' SOMEONE isn't currently walking across the street or they start driving when the person has already walked 1/2 across the street. THIS one really bothers me. I can't even think of how many times someone has almost hit me and the light was RED for the cars driving through the red light! One of the last times it happened, I just happened to have an umbrella in my hand as I was crossing the street and I kid you not.. it was purely by instinct.. I wasn't in control.. but, I hit the front of the car with my umbrella (the car was that close to hitting me) and then pointed up to the RED LIGHT! Hey, you don't have to speak each other's language to know what I was trying to say. :D

** And, my most 'disliked item?': THE EVIL YELLOW DUST from China. It causes respiratory problems and I really have trouble with it. It usually arrives in the spring time- but, last year and this year it started in January.

And.. this final one is just something that I miss.. I miss seeing land.. the outdoors, being able to just see nature w/out a city of 16 million being in the picture. I even find myself staring at the great outdoors featured in movies.

Don't get me wrong-- I like Korea very much.. but, I can tell it's time to go away for awhile.. to get a fresh outlook. Anyone want to send me their flight miles so I can go away on vacation?


Lia said...

Damn, you don't live in Korea, you live in Brazil! LOL - the same things happen here and i HATE the honking as well - it won't make my car fly.

Good luck :)

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

If I had flight miles I'd certainly pass them along. Most oft he time I hate this flat country I long for mountains and snow scenes.. bu I bet flat land is sounding pretty good to you now...

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

A typical example of 'inappropraite car horn honking'.. one morning, I was at the red light near my apartment and the light turned green.. however, THERE WERE PEOPLE CROSSING the street IN FRONT OF MY CAR that hadn't quite made it across the street by the time the light turned green.. and the car that was already behind me.. starting honking his horn.

I mean.. "REALLY" was I supposed immediatly drive forward and hit them- just because the light turned green?

My car is small and low to the ground- so, the car behind me could clearly see the people too.