Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Now go out and smile at somebody, show somebody some LOVE.. here, let me help you get a head start on the smiling..

A few photos of some of my students and 'Henry' our class bunny. Henry was given to me over 14 years ago, by a former student and since he was such a sweet looking bunny, I decided to incorporate him into my classroom. As a result, spends the night with my students on a rotating basis throughout the school year (they read a book to him, fill out a form answering questions about the book: a sneaky way to do a mini-book-report and talk about Henry's visit to their home). Let's just say this.. HENRY IS LOVED with a PURE LOVE that can only be given to someone as special as HENRY is.. or in the words of the Velveteen Rabbit.. He has become REAL.

I selected the name Henry, because it wasn't a name that any child that I had ever taught in 20+ years had ever be given.. and I still haven't had a student by the name of Henry. I knew that my 2nd or 3rd grade girls would love Henry no matter if he was a 'girl or boy' bunny.. so, I decided to make him a BOY so that the boys in my class could also identify with and love Henry.

Henry had his own Valentine box in the classroom. And, he gave valentines to each child in my classroom too. *He gave me the money to go shopping for him. :D

**By the way, Henry is also modeling the new outfit that was given to him when one of my students moved away. She said that her bear didn't need them anymore and that Henry needed a summer outfit. (I had made him a knitted hat with bunny ear holes and a knitted vest for the winter months.)

And who can't do an aaah.. at a photo of Cary Grant knitting?

Have a great day of feeling loved and blessed by those around you... and be a blessing to others.. especially those w/out a family or spouse and might be alone on Valentine's Day. Make a quick phone call, send an email, leave a little present in their mailbox or behind their front door.. w/out a name. Spread some love around.

I always loved Valentine's Day as a child.. could it be because my birthday was the next day? :D

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