Monday, February 4, 2008

The journey to MEGA TV...

.Well, it all started about 2 weeks ago.. when someone called my house and asked if I wanted to MEGA TV and 6,000 channels for only 8,000 won a month (about $9.50) and 3 free months.

Well, I thought.. SURE.. I'm no fool.. do I want more than 3 'sometimes in English' tv channels or do I want 6,000 channels? Especially, when she assured me in broken English that there were 'many channels' in English!

Of course, you can only imagine.. the broken conservation. The only Korean that I know is: HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? and THANK YOU...
The only Enlish that she knew was: MEGA TV, 6,000 channels, 3 months free service.
Well, I happened to have my sweet adorable housegirl at my apartment when she called. So, there we were.. me.. w/nil to no Korean, my Korean housegirl with some English being used as the 'translator' with the Korean girl who had quite limited English (but, more than my Korean, I must add) trying to figure out what the deal was.. and when could we get the ENGINEER to come to my apartment.. to install this magic MEGA TV with 6,000 channels?

Meanwhile.. there was a scheduled ENGINEER appointment for the following day at 5pm. The girl on the telephone called several times to make sure I was going to be there and to let her know when the engineer got there.. and let's just say.. it was a broken conservation at best with just she and I on the phone. However, the bottom line was.. I finally discovered that the Engineer wouldn't be able to come that day- but, would come the following day.. Saturday.

Saturday came and went.. w/ no Engineer in sight. Later that afternoon the Engineer called me.. and asked me if I read or spoke Korean.. and I told him that I did not. So, he told me that the MEGA TV was only in Korean and he canceled the appointment and service.

So, Tuesday cames around.. and the girl on the phone called again.. and the best that I could get out it.. was she wanted to know why I had canceled. She couldn't understand what I was saying about the man calling and telling me that nothing was in English.. so, I told her that I would find someone to call her the next day.

Enter.. our school nurse. She speaks fluent English.. she called for me and we finally got all sorts of answers answered. I can get SOME CHANNELS in ENGLISH.. and another appointment was made and I am happy to report: that the ENGINEER just left my house..

and.. I now have MEGA TV BABY!
Ok, I can get only the Movies, Disney, Documentaries, and some CSI episodes in English. But, it's more than my 1 USA MILITARY CHANNEL in ENglish.. (which we will be losing in the immediate future) and the 3 Korean channels that SOMETIMES show American movies in English with Korean subtitles. *But, I never even notice the subtitles anymore. Biggest problem here? NO tv guide. Not a channel on the local cable channel.. nothing comes in your Korean mailbox in the apartment building. NOTHING. I can't tell you how many movies I've only seen 20 minutes or so of in the past 2 years.

But, now.. I have MOVIES.. MOVIES.. MOVIES.. and again, everything on the screen is in Korean. *But, I had the ENGINEER go over it with me and I drew all kinds of little boxes on paper so, I can eventually after many clicks and selecting different areas, all written in Korean, find movies to watch. Now, the titles of the movies are all in KOREAN TOO. However, the MEGA TV operates like a DVD player. When you select a Korean movie title.. click on it.. and the movie starts from the beginning.. so, the process is a little longer to select a movie..
but.. I have MOVIES IN ENGLISH.... on my NEW MEGA TV cable system!

What a deal.. and pass the popcorn.
Excuse me while I grab some knitting and a mystery (as in: UNKNOWN movie) movie

By the way.. there are not 6,000 channels.. they have 6,000 programs available. Of course, my selection is way lower than that.. but, it's way more than I had before the MEGA TV entered my life 30 minutes ago.

PS.. I'm not sure what all the problems was to get someone to come to my apartment.. since, any other time that I've had to have any kind of repairman come to my apartment- they've always been very prompt. I think it was a classic case of 'mis-communication.' :D


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

LOL!! My goodness what a bunch of fenagling that took.. haha! I'm glad your happy with your channels :)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Well, the process takes awhile.. you have to click into several different 'levels' to get to the movie areas.. (then, the movies are divided into categories: family, comedy, thriller, romance)

So, the process is.. finally find the area by selecting all those categories that are written in Korean and you finally get to the movie category area.. then, select one of them.. then you are presented with about 7-18 different movie titles (in Korean) and you just select one.. and you wait until the movie starts.. so you can see what the title is of your selection. Then, start the proecess all over again.. if you want another movie selection.

But, now matter how hard it is, I now have more that ONE CHANNEL IN ENGLISH.. and 3 that are sometimes in English.. with my new MEGA TV cable system! woo hoo..